What to do when you don’t have time for meditation

A few years ago I started meditating regularly. I quickly discovered and enjoyed the benefits of the practice – feeling more relaxed, dealing with emotions and handling difficult situations more easily.

It is not always easy to find time for meditation, especially when having two small kids. Thus I have always tried to stick to my routine and meditate at least 20 minutes a day.

meditácia každý deň

Is meditation the only way?

On that autumn day I had a lot of plans. Finalize work tasks since the deadlines were already approaching. I also wanted to do exercise – come back to my yoga routine after a few weeks break. And of course, to meditate.

But…. I woke up on Monday morning and both kids had a cough. What to do now?

The usual feeling of panic when illness breaks all the plans. Calling the school and the kindergarten. Cancelling all the meetings that can be cancelled and trying to get a babysitter for that meetings that can not be cancelled. Half of the day spent in the doctor’s waiting room and in pharmacies. And a week ahead of me without any outlook for finishing the work of having time for myself.

In the evening suddenly words that I heard recently came to my mind: “When you don’t have time for meditation just be with children.” And I made a decision.

I will not think about all the deadlines that I am going to miss at work. Or about how to find time for meditation that is so hard to find now. I will just be with the kids.

Without being or wanting to be somewhere else in my mind.

Without regretting all the things that I am going to miss this week.

I will be with them completely.

We really enjoyed that week. I explored how our kids think and all the things that they already knew and that I did not realize in daily rush before. We played and cooked… and at the end of the week I felt like after a good vacation. I was calm and I could use the new energy to focus on work and come back to my meditation and exercise routine.

meditácia a mindfulness

Will I manage to do this also next time? I am not sure, things are always different.

I experienced though that it is not always needed to sit in meditation to be anchored in the present moment. It is enough to do what are doing with awareness. Without having or wanting to have our mind elsewhere. Just accepting things to be as they are without feeling bad about it.

The present moment gives us endless opportunities. Always. Also now.

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