Mindfulness and Dealing With Stress – Corporate Workshop

Employees in organizations today often experience increased tension, an overload of thoughts and cannot fully enjoy pleasant moments during the day.

Experience how mindfulness helps to deal with stress

Participants of this workshop will get to know mindfulness as an approach to deal with stress and difficult situations. They will learn how it helps to lead better quality life. Participants will experience practical techniques that can be used in every-day life. Present moment experience and unwinding are part of the workshop.

Workshop Content:

  • What is mindfulness and how it is useful
  • Autopilot in mental processes and the option to step out of it
  • Meditation exercises
  • Mindfulness attitudes in practice
  • Dealing with stress with mindfulness
  • Dealing with inner reactivity – difficult thoughts, emotions and habitual reactive patterns
  • Taking care of oneself in the periods of high load
  • How to develop mindfulness – resources for own practice after the workshop

The workshop is interactive and practical with focus on experience and benefits for the participants. Meditation exercises and up-to-date research finding are part of the workshop.

Format:  One day workshop or another format based on agreement. I organize this workshop for corporate clients in Slovak or English language. The content is adjusted according to the client’s needs. If you are interested, please contact me.